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The importance of a roof cannot be understated. Any Robstown roofing contractor know this all too well. Just like the foundation of your home is important to how structurally sound it is, your roof is just as important. The primary structural purpose a roof plays is to protect the house from weather. And with extreme weather, from heavy rain to wind to heat, your roof is your first line of defense.

Your roof needs to be able to keep out the elements, especially moisture. If moisture seeps in, it can wreak havoc. Any amount of moisture can cause damage. Moisture can affect your roof’s rafters and structural support. Plus, moisture can cause mold, which is silent and if not removed, dangerous for your house’s integrity and your health. Other vital roles your roof plays include energy efficiency and aesthetics. It is estimated your roof can be responsible for 50% energy loss if it is inefficient. And, a good looking roof helps with home value. The problem with roof damage is that it can be hard to spot, which is why you need to be aware of the signs.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Robstown Roof Repair professionals can all agree that there are several key signs to look for that tell you your roof needs to be repaired. Any one of these alone or in combination mean it is time to call a Robstown roof contractor.

Curling is one issue to look for in your roof. If the shingles curl down at the edges or the center of the shingles curl up, your roof is damaged. This is a result of weathering and a sign that potential leaks exist. Another sign to look for is missing or cracked shingles. This is an indicator of wind damage, and if the pattern in the roof is random, it is time to look into Robstown roof replacement. Yet another sign to keep an eye out for is glandulars in your gutters. Glandulars protect against sun damage. Once gone, the shingles start to bake, and the quality of your roof will go down fast. Algae on your roof are not a reason to panic but it is an aesthetic issue, and some people choose to replace their roof simply because of this.

The last two signs to look for are obvious tell-tale signs that a Robstown roof contractor needs to be contacted. If you see sunlight through the roof or the roof is sagging this means there is structural damage to your roof, and a bigger problem may be lurking beneath. Now that you know the signs, you want to understand the time frame for fixing any roofing issues and the process.

The Roof Repair Time Frame

Robstown roof repair does not have to be a painful process. When you speak to a professional, they will review your roof from the inside and out. A Corpus Christ roof replacement professional will discuss costs, materials, and how long different repairs can take. In some cases, you may have time. For example, cracked shingles may mean you still have 3 to 5 years left on the life of your roof. But, if you are seeing sunlight or the roof is sagging, you are looking at an immediate roof replacement.

Roof replacement is a time and labor intensive process. Depending on the size and complexity of the roof, it can take anywhere from a day to several days to replace your roof. The time it takes can aslo be affected by the weather. Even the threat of poor weather can delay the project. However, if your roof is sagging or open, you need to get it replaced as soon as possible. The structure of your house and the safety of everyone in it depends on it. Contact a Robstown roof replacement specialist to get your roof inspected or replaced today.


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